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Easy Shop

This is a plugin for Monstra CMS that implements a very simple javascript PayPal shopping cart called Minicart.js. It creates products in Monstra's flatfile data storage with simple attributes of title, SKU, photo, price, shipping price, price to ship additional quantities of the same item, and long-text (html and markdown allowed) description. There is no inventory management.

The cart is managed by Paypal and all order processing will be done in your paypal account. There is no 'backend' for order management with this plugin. The administration is used only to create products and display them on your website and then populate a paypal cart for checkout.



  1. Go to _Admin Menu -> Extends -> Plugins -> Install New
  2. Select File or drop the .zip file to upload
  3. Click 'Install'

Set Up Paypal and

  1. Create a PayPal Add to Cart Button
  2. Go to Menu -> System -> Settings
  3. Choose your currency from the drop menu in Shop Settings
  4. Enter the email for your paypal account in Shop Settings
  5. Click 'Save'

Create Products

Menu -> Shop

  1. Images must be uploaded via Menu -> Content -> Files (copy & paste image URL into product editing page)
  2. No image resizing is done - optimize images before upload.


Shipping is currently required by

in frontend/index.view.php


Known Issues

To Do

  1. Implement cart empty on return from completed payment.
  2. If we're managing the return request, maybe we can implement a digital download sales mechanism.